Can guinea pigs eat aspen bedding? Aspen bedding is a type of bedding which is used by owners of snakes, lizards, birds, and small mammals such as rodents.
It is made from non-toxic shredded wood and is often sourced from sustainable forests (well it should be!) It is soft, dust free, odorless and highly absorbent making it a good bedding for animals in their tanks and cages.
It can be purchased from good pet stores.
Can guinea pigs eat aspen bedding?
If they happen to eat aspen bedding, this is fine for them.
Many cavy owners will use it in their guinea pig’s cages. If you do use it, make sure it is spread evenly over the bottom of the cage to a depth of at least 1 to 2 inches.
It needs to be replaced every two to three weeks and spot cleaned once a day.
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