There are all kinds of pasta available that you can buy around the world.
However, pasta is made up of carbs and flour no matter what shape or size it comes in.
So can guinea pigs eat pasta, and if they can, how much can they eat?
Can guinea pigs eat pasta?
Unfortunately, guinea pigs really shouldn’t eat pasta.
The reason why is that guinea pigs are herbivores and so pasta whether cooked or uncooked is not good for them.
They may like to nibble at uncooked pasta because it is hard and it will be something to grind their teeth on.
However, because they are made from carbs and flour, they aren’t good for them.
There are better things for them to gnaw on and grind their teeth.
So if you are tempted to give guinea pigs pasta, whether cooked or uncooked then think again and try something else.