Bananas are a popular fruit the world over and a great favourite with many people.
My family love them and consume them in vast quantities, second only to Apples in the perkins household fruit diet.
So because we have them in the house on a regular basis, I wondered if they would go down well with guinea pigs and if they were any good for them?

Can guinea pigs eat bananas?
Bananas are fine for guinea pigs to eat, but not to feed them on a regular basis.
They need to be fed as a treat because of the high sugar content and their tummies can’t handle too much of it.
My personal experience
So I tried some with my guinea pig ‘Rocket’ to see if he would take to it.
Of course every guinea pig is different and has different tastes but it would be interesting to see if he would take a liking to it.
After checking it out, he decided that they were not to his taste and left them in their dish.
I did leave them for the day in the dish for him to try but took it out at the end of the day as he hadn’t touched it.
However your guinea pig might be different, so do try it to see if they would take to it.
One or two slices should be quite enough.
What happens when guinea pigs have too much banana?
If a guinea pigs eat too much banana then they can become constipated and have tummy trouble. Something definitely to be avoided, as I wouldn’t want a constipated guinea pig on my hands and a trip to the veterinarian.
Can guinea pigs eat banana skin?
Banana skin is fine to feed to them.
It is worth chopping up for them and seeing if they will eat it, it may not be to their taste but it is worth a try as there is nothing wrong with giving banana skin to them.
Can guinea pigs eat banana chips?
Banana chips are coated in honey and sugar and are not good for guinea pigs to eat.
If you do want to give them banana chips, then one or two aren’t going to hurt them but Ieave it at that.
Can guinea pigs eat fresh banana?
Yes, fresh banana is absolutely fine for guinea pigs to eat. Just don’t let them eat too much.
Can guinea pigs eat banana leaves?
Banana leaves are good for guinea pigs to eat.
Like other large items, do chop them up for the guinea pigs to make them more attractive for them to eat.
In summary
Guinea pigs can eat bananas but they are to be considered a rare treat because of their high sugar content.
Too much, and it will cause them problems,. But if they take to it, there is nothing wrong with giving it to them on the odd occasion. Although this is something I wont be doing for the moment!
What about you? How have you found your piggies with banana?? Let me know in the comments.