We know that guinea pigs absolutely adore carrots. and have already taken a look at carrots as a food for guinea pigs.
They could probably eat carrots all day and they would probably do so if they were really good for them.
However, a few times a week usually suffices.
Can guinea pigs eat canned carrots?
image flickr andy melton
So we know that guinea pigs can eat fresh carrots, can they eat canned carrots?
Unfortunately, they can’t eat any foods that haven’t been prepared naturally.
This means that they can’t eat any foods that are full of preservatives, salt, fat, sugars, and other additives.
They are just not good for guinea pigs.
So steer clear of feeding them canned carrots. They are just not good for them at all.
It is best to stick to feeding them fresh carrots, which they absolutely love.
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