So we know that there are many different fruits that guinea pigs can eat. Some are really good for guinea pigs, some not so, but fruit on the whole is a good thing for guinea pigs to have as part of their diet.
But what about canned fruit? Can guinea pigs eat it?.
The great thing about canned fruit is that they are very convenient for Us as they are available out of season so we can eat them whenever we need to.
They can also be left for months as long as the can isn’t opened at all.
However the thing about canned fruit is that it is often stored in syrup or has high amounts of added sugar or sodium in it.
This rules it out as far as guinea pigs are concerned as these additives are pretty bad for gujnea pigs, and the syrup which they are often stored in guinea pigs just can’t drink.
So if you are looking to feed guinea pigs canned fruit, then it is worth looking for those that are low in additives and haven’t been stored in syrup. Feed to em in small amounts.
But on the whole, for indoubt, stick with fresh fruit. It’s much better for them and you take less chances with your guinea pigs health.