Peaches are a great fruit that guinea pigs can eat in small amounts. They contain a good amount of vitamin c but a quite acidic which means that guinea pigs can’t eat too much of them.
Canned peaches are very convenient for us as they ensure that the fruit is available throughout the year no matter what season we are in and can last for long amounts of time as long as they aren’t opened.
But can guinea pigs eat canned peaches, and if they can, how much of them can they eat?
The nutritional values of canned peaches should be exactly the same as peaches that are freshly picked. However most canned peaches are contained within syrup in the can which is pretty bad for guinea pigs.
This rules them out for guinea pigs as their tummies just can’t handle them. Hey also have added sugar in them which is also not good for them.
However if you can find canned peaches with no syrup or additives then a small amount won’t hurt them at all. But for the most part, I would stick to just fresh peach to be on the safe side.