Pineapples are a terrific fruit which we’ve already looked at. It’s got quite a bit of vitamin c in which makes it great for guinea pigs to eat but is acidic and so they can only eat it in small amounts. They are mostly known as fresh fruit, but they are also very popular sold as canned products as well as they store for long periods of time and can be eaten out of season.
But can guinea pigs eat canned pineapples, and if they can how much of them can they eat?
image flickr darwin bell
Unfortunately they are not so good for guinea pigs as they are usually processed and additives are put into them. They also cannot drink the syrup that they come in. It is far too rich for them and will hurt their tummies if they eat them.
So for the most part, canned pineapples are a food to be avoided as far as guinea pigs are concerned, however if you do happen to find some with no syrup or additives then they can eat them in small amounts. But to be honest, you are better off finding fresh pineapple to be on the safe side. For me its just not worth the hassle.