Chips is a term which is given to potato snacks which are baked, they are also known as crisps.
Can guinea pigs eat chips?
As chips have different meanings in both the UK (where I am based in) and the USA (where the majority of the readers here are based).
I am going to write about two different foods.
The thing is that they both are as bad for piggies.
Chips (UK, Australia, Ireland) are slices of potato that are fried, otherwise known as fries in the USA.
Chips are definitely not good for guinea pigs at all as they cannot eat any potato foods whatsoever not to mention they are cooked.
They are definitely a food to steer clear of as far as guinea pigs are concerned.
Chips (USA) are what we would call crisps or tortilla chips.
They are still not good for guinea pigs at all,except for the fact they aren’t as heavily cooked as Chips or Fries.
They are loaded with salt which really isn’t good for them at all.
However if they do nibble on one it wont hurt them, they just can’t have too many of them.
So when you see the word chips, this is definitely something to avoid giving to guinea pigs.