‘Can guinea pigs eat clementines?’ Good question!
We love clementines. They are so easy to peel and juicy and sweet. I love having clementines and they are easy to put into a lunch box to carry to work or have as a light snack.
So as we have them around, can guinea pigs eat clementines?
Originally I thought that clementines were not such a great thing for guinea pigs to eat because they would be too acidic for guinea pigs. But other owners have professed to their goodness for cavies so I decided to try them out with my guinea pigs.
Give them a few segments but not too many. I don’t give more than two each and cut them up for them. In my experience, that is enough for them and they don’t tend to eat more than that as any more is just too much for their tummies.

As a type of orange, clementines have a high amount of vitamin c so they will be very good for the guinea pig. They cant synthesise their own vitamin c, just like humans and so need regular supplements of it.
Clementines as previously mentioned, are quite acidic which can hurt their intestines if they have too much. Just like they can hurt us if we eat too many.
They have quite high sugar content, so again, too much wont do them any good.
Can guinea pigs eat Clementine peel?
Yes you can give them Clementine peel. If they will eat it, small amounts won’t do them much harm. It does contain a lot of vitamin c but as with Clementines, will hurt them if they have too much.
So can guinea pigs eat Clementines? Yes, they can.
Don’t give too much to them, a couple of slices a week should be fine for them. But anything more than that can give them tummy trouble.
As far my guinea pig is concerned, he did enjoy them but he ate half of the two clementine segments that I gave him and left the rest.
This makes me think that he does know when he has had too much and is getting good at self-regulating himself.