This is a question that has come up from those guinea pig owners who have dogs as well.
Can guinea pigs eat dog food?
Unfortunately, the answer to this question is pretty short and sweet

No, they can’t.
Because guinea pigs are herbivores, they really can’t be given any animal products at all. They also cannot eat any meats which dog foods are often are from. They also contain grain products which are not good for piggies.
So if you have a dog and a guinea pig, make sure that their food is kept well away from each other and ensure that they are kept on separate diets.
Both dogs and guinea pigs require different things as regards to their food intake is concerned, and so if they have different foods, then ensure they are kept separate.
Can guinea pigs eat dog treats?
As mentioned, dog treats often contain grain and these cannot be given to guinea pigs.
Can guinea pigs eat dry dog food?
No they can’t as they do contain content that is not good for piggies.
Any kind of dog food or dog treats should not be given to guinea pigs in any shape or form.