So ‘can guinea pigs eat grass?’
Grass is one of the first foods that guinea pigs usually go for as it is always available. It is great for them to graze on and nibble all day long. One of the first things that I noted when we first got our guinea pig was how much he loved eating it, and often preferred it to other foods that we gave him.
It is very good for them and helps them grind their teeth because of the abrasive nature of grass.

Can guinea pigs eat too much grass?
There is no problem with guinea pigs eating too much grass. It wont do them any harm, just make sure it hasn’t been treated with chemicals or pesticides.
What do I need to watch out for with when giving grass to my guinea pig?
Can I grow grass for my guinea pigs?
If you don’t have easy access to a garden with grass then this is definitely something that is possible. Get some trays and compost and plant some grass seeds ready for them to grow.
If you are looking for the best grasses to grow for your guinea pig, then wheat grass or catgrass is a good place to start. Wheat grass is a little healthier for your guinea pigs.
You can also buy grass from garden centres which has been ready grown that you can use. Or, you can always pick some up from public areas where you can.
Can guinea pigs eat wet grass?
If its in summer then there isn’t a problem at all. Do be careful though when putting your guiena pigs on wet grass as you don’t want your piggies to be damp.
Can guinea pigs eat grass clippings?
You need to watch out if you have a petrol mower for any chemicals that have leaked out onto it. But there is no harm in them eating freshly mown grass. My guinea pig doesn’t go for dried out grass though.
Can guinea pigs eat grass instead of hay?
Although there is no problem with guinea pigs eating grass, a guinea pig’s staple diet should include timothy hay, but if you only give them grass every so often there’s nothing wrong in that.
Can guinea pigs eat grass and clover?
Yes there is no problem with this. They should love grazing on grass and clover. Just make sure it isn’t on an area which has been fertilized.
Can guinea pigs eat grass and dandelions?
Yes that should be fine for them to eat. My guinea pig has a selective taste for weeds but your guinea pig may be different.
Can guinea pigs eat grass seed?
Grass seed is fine as a treat however don’t let them have too much of it.