Green tomatoes are those tomatoes that have not ripened as yet and have not developed their color.
They grow a green color and then as they ripen and mature go yellow and then red.
They are much different from their red counterparts.
They are extremely firm and not welcoming to bite into because of their hardness. 
Often they are seen as untouchable as they are so sour when they are raw.
However, they are often used in recipes as they can be cooked and are well known for being coated in cornmeal or flour and then pan-fried to a crisp.
This makes them very edible and delicious for so many.
Indeed there are a great many recipes which use cooked green tomatoes including pickles and chutneys.
Their bright flavor contributes much to these culinary creations and gives an added zing. 
So let’s take a look at what tomatoes contain.
As far as Guinea pigs are concerned we are interested in their acidic water, sugar, fat, salt, calcium and phosphorus content.
Nutritional value per 100 g (3.5 oz)Energy74 kJ (18 kcal)
Carbohydrates 3.9 gnSugars 2.6 gnDietary fiber1.2 gnFat 0.2 gnProtein 0.9 gnVitaminsQuantity%DV†Vitamin A equiv.nbeta-Carotenenlutein zeaxanthin 5% 42 μg 4% 449 μg 123 μgnThiamine (B1) 3% 0.037 mgnNiacin (B3) 4% 0.594 mgnVitamin B6 6% 0.08 mgnVitamin C 17% 14 mgnVitamin E 4% 0.54 mgnVitamin K 8% 7.9 μgnMineralsnQuantity%DV†nMagnesium 3% 11 mgnManganese 5% 0.114 mgnPhosphorus 3% 24 mgnPotassium 5% 237 mgnOther constituentsnQuantitynWater 94.5 gnLycopene 2573 µg
Can guinea pigs eat green tomatoes?
Unfortunately, they are unable to eat any kind of tomato as they are too acidic for guinea pigs to eat. They should be avoided as food for them.
What about fried green tomatoes?
Cooked foods are not good for Guinea pigs to eat and tend not to interest them.
They lose their nutrients and out fruit and veggie loving piggies will not get anything from them.
They still maintain some of their acidic nature though and so won’t benefit a piggie with that. A food to steer clear of feeding them.
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