Guinea pigs and hamsters don’t go well together usually if they live in the same cage.
But what happens if you do happen to keep guinea pigs and hamsters in separate cages, which many owners may well do.
There are lots of people out the who happen to keep lots of different animals in their home and love to have them around.
So if you do have guinea pigs and hamsters, the question on this particular blog post, is can guinea pigs eat hamster food?
Hamster food is a mixture of seeds, corn, nuts and crunchy foods and is mixed with a hamster’s diet in mind. Just like guinea pigs, they have particular needs and requirements in order to satisfy the nutritional demands of their bodies.
Guinea pigs have a diet that is concocted with the same thing in mind, in that they have different culinary needs to hamsters. Guinea pigs as we know, need lots of vitamin c to supplement the lack of vitamin c produced by their bodies.
With this in mind, it is not good for guinea pigs. Mainly because it does not contain the protein or vitamin c that guinea pigs need. Corn is also not a good for guinea pigs either and it is quite a major part of a hamsters diet.
If presented with it, they will nibble at it (because they’ll nibble at anything) but will turn their noses up at most of it.
So in terms of a good food substitute, it is not suitable at all for guinea pigs as hamsters have very different dietary needs.