So, ‘can guinea pigs eat Lychees?’
As a fruit, they are a bit of rarity.
We sometimes have them and eat them with fruit cocktails and on meragnes and other deserts.
So if we did have some around, can guinea pigs eat lychees and would they be okay for them?
What are lychees?
Lychees are cultivated in china and a lot of the far east and India.
They are grown on trees and have been grown since 2000bc.
They are commonly sold fresh in Asian markets and in supermarkets worldwide. They are also eaten dried or in processed cans.
Can guinea pigs eat Lychees?
Lychees are a fruit that they may enjoy. However they are very high in sugar containing 15g per 100g (according to google) which means quite a bit of their content is made up of sugar.
So if you are tempted to give your guinea pig lychees, then don’t give them a lot.
Maybe one of two slices a week at the maximum to save troubling their tummies and to stop them putting on weight.
They do however have a large amount of vitamin c, approximately 72mg per 100g (according to Wikipedia), and an average nine lychee fruits would satisfy a human adult’s daily vitamin c requirement.
So they would do your guinea pig good in that respect.
Lychees are a guinea pig treat
Have lychees available as a treat if you want to give them to your piggies.
They shouldn’t replace the staple diet of a guinea pig which is timothy hay, vitamin c pellets and fresh water but they should provide a nice tasty extra for your cavy and give them some variety to their diet.
How did my guinea pig take to it?
I decided to give some to ‘rocket’ to see if he would take to them. He wasn’t overly keen on them I have to say. He did nibble on them but left most of them, so I wont be giving them to him in the future.
In summary – ‘can guinea pigs eat lychees?’
There is nothing wrong with giving your guinea pig lychees just don’t give them a lot and not often.
They should be a treat most of all, your guinea pig may love you for introducing them to their diet. (cavy savvy tried them out at her blog and they loved them)