If you have guinea pigs, you will probably put down newspaper for them to bed on. Newspaper acts as the layer between the base of your guinea pigs cage and the hay that they bed on.
However, what happens if they start chewing and eating up the newspaper? (source wikipedia)
Is that Okay?

Can guinea pigs eat newspaper?
Yes Newspaper is fine for guinea pigs to chew on and eat.
Newspapers used to use toxic inks for their print many years ago, but these days the ink used is very much non-toxic.
The standard ink used is called carbon black, which contains ingredients of low threat.
Once the ink dries it becomes stable and has no risk or toxicity through absorption or inhalation. (source ask jeeves)
Every time I lay down a newspaper, it ends up torn, chewed, ripped up by my piggies.
However, they never do eat it all, it is just not to their taste so they generally just chew it and then leave it,
But it is safe for them to chew on and if they so wish to eat. Not that they will do so for long.
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