So pears are a great fruit!
My family love them, especially my daughter who eats them everyday. We always have them in the house as we always need them for snacks, deserts and other things. So can guinea pigs eat pears as well?
If he could then that would be great to give him some pear when I cut some up for my daughter.
So I dug around a bit to find out whether pear would be any good for my guinea pig. Here’s what I found.
Can guinea pigs eat pear skin?
Yes definitely. You don’t have to cut the skin off when you feed your guinea pig pear. They will find it very nutritious. Just don’t give too much as it’s the same as pear in that it has a lot of sugar in.
Can guinea pigs eat pear stems?
No don’t give the stems to them as they may choke on them.
Can guinea pigs eat pear cores?
no, it is better to cut away the core and throw it away.
Can guinea pigs have pear juice?
No, steer of this as it can really hurt their tummies Just too much of it can hurt ours.
Can guinea pigs eat tinned pears?
No, don’t try them as they are too strong and sweet for the guinea pigs and will hurt their tummies. They have also been processed which isn’t good for them as well.
Can guinea pigs eat pear tree branches?
We have a pear tree in our garden and it is fine for them to chew on the branches, they may enjoy it and it helps wear down their teeth.
Can guinea pigs eat prickly pear?
No, its a cactus. Leave well alone.
So pear went down pretty well with my guinea pig. Its sweetness and refreshing taste were much appreciated by him. i’ll only give a few slices to him once a week though as it really can be too much of a good thing. Definitely a hit!