So we know that guinea pigs will pretty much eat anything they take a fancy to. If you leave anything in their cages then they are more than likely to have a good chew at it.
So what if you have put a plastic box, toy or even a plastic pigloo in your guinea pigs cage, will guinea pigs eat the plastic and will it be okay for them?
Can guinea pigs eat plastic?
The good thing is that Plastic is not appealing to guinea pigs at all and although they may start to chew it, they soon realize that it is not what they thought it was and will leave it alone.
I have had many different plastic boxes or pigloos in their cages and have never seen them chewed badly.
My guinea pigs have been fine as although they might have had a nibble at them, they have pretty much left them alone once they have realized that they aren’t to their taste.
So no they can’t eat plastic, and nor will they want to either.
The only time when they may seek to gnaw plastic is if they have nothing else to gnaw their teeth on. Plastic is uncomfortable to gnaw on for them and so is a last resort for them.
You can prevent this by always having plenty of hay for them to chew on at all times, not to mention chew toys, and maybe even some nice fruit tree branches.
They will prefer to chew on these much more and will leave plastic objects well alone if these are provided.
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