Potatoes are one of those vegetables that are cooked in so many different ways.
It is very hard to keep track of how many different ways you can cook them, from baked potatoes, sautéed, fried, chips, roasted, boiled, mashed potato to name but a few and they are such a popular vegetable the world over.
We have them most days in our home and they’re a big favourite with all our family.
So if our guinea pigs could eat them, it would be pretty good!
So can guinea pigs eat potatoes?
The straight answer is no they can’t unfortunately

So why can’t guinea pigs eat potato?
Unfortunately, potatoes contain harmful toxins which could be poisonous to guinea pigs.
If they do eat them there is a danger that they could become quite ill.
A secondary issue is that potatoes are very high in carbohydrates and are not very nutrient rich, so providing them as a food for guinea pigs will not benefit them in any way.
If they do happen to nibble on them, then your piggie should be fine but do monitor them for any after-effects.
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Can guinea pigs eat potato peel?
No they can’t eat potato peel as its also toxic for them to eat. This also includes any kind of potato skin.
Can guinea pigs eat mashed potato?
Unfortunately for the same reason they can’t eat proper potatoes. They are very toxic for them. They also can’t eat cooked food.
Can guinea pigs eat baked potato?
Unfortunately this refers to any baked or cooked potato. It is better to steer clear of giving any kind of potato to guinea pigs.

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