Quinoa is quite a fashionable food to eat at the moment. It seems to be all the rage amongst the health conscious.
So what is it?
Quinoa are tiny grains that are bead shaped. It has a slight bitter flavour and a texture that is firm and it is known as a complete protein.
This is because it contains eight of the essential amino acids and is packed with other great nutrients which are good for humans. It is also gluten free and very easy digestible.
Source BBC good food
So if we can eat it, can Guinea pigs eat Quinoa?
If they can, how much can they eat?
Lets take a look at its nutritional data in particular it’s phosphorus, calcium, acid, sugar, and fat content are of interest as far as Guinea pigs are concerned.

(source: Wikipedia)
Checking out the data above, you can see that Quinoa contains a bit of calcium and fat, but it does contain a huge amount of phosphorus. This rules it out straight away as far as Guinea pigs are concerned. They just can’t handle that amount of phosphorus.
So although Quinoa is Fantastic for humans to eat, it is not great for Guinea pigs and should be avoided.