So we had red peppers for dinner tonight.
They were great, we had them with pasta and pesto and they were delicious. So when we were tidying up after dinner we had some left over and so decided to investigate whether I could give them to my guinea pig.
So, can guinea pigs eat red peppers?
Turns out that red peppers are highly recommended by guinea pig owners as being one of the best vegetables that you could give to your guinea pig. So being happy with this advice I went ahead and cut some up for him to put on a plate.
However before I put them out I took into account some of the considerations that others advised on red peppers
Here are some facts about red peppers and guinea pigs.
As promised as soon as I put them down for him, he promptly went straight at them and devoured them. Red peppers are a big hit with my guinea pig. Check it out here

Here are some other things to questions answered about other red pepper foods and guinea pigs.
Can guinea pigs eat hot red peppers?
No, don’t let them anywhere near them, they are quite dangerous for guinea pigs to eat
Can guinea pigs eat red pepper seeds?
Don’t let them have the seeds. They could very easily lodge in the throat of the guinea pig and choke them.
Can guinea pigs eat red pepper stems?
No don’t let them have the stems. There is a danger that they might choke whilst eating them and are far too tough for them to chew through.
Final thoughts
I will definitely be giving my guinea pig red peppers again. They were a big hit, and he loved them cut up into small pieces which he consumed with gusto!