Strawberries are a fantastic fruit that are especially appreciated in summer or on valentines day even.
They are a real luxury, that people love to have with desert, chocolate, champagne. The list goes on…
But if we’ve bought them for ourselves, then can my guinea pigs have them as well?
Not wanting my guinea pig to miss out, I decided to investigate a bit further as I wanted to know…
This is what I found..
Strawberries are absolutely fine for Guinea Pigs to eat in small amounts on a once a week basis. But whether your guinea pig will eat them is another thing.
Every Guinea Pig has its own taste for food just like humans and so it depends on whether they take a fancy to them as to whether they will eat them.
When I put them down for my Guinea pig ‘Rocket’ he did not take to them at all so I will steer clear of buying them for him in future.

Why you need to be careful with giving your Guinea Pig strawberries
However (there’s always a ‘however’), just be careful about how many strawberries you give to your guinea pig.
A single serving should equate to no more than one strawberry per week
The reason for this is that strawberries are high in sugar and will give your Guinea Pig diarrhoea or issues with digestion if you give them too much.
Because of the high sugar content, they can damage the guinea pigs teeth if too many are given to them.
They are also acidic and so can make a Guinea Pig’s lips sore if they have soft lips, too many strawberries can exacerbate the problem.
Make sure that you wash the strawberries before hand to remove any pesitcides of insects that may have got onto them.
Although you can serve them whole to your guiena pig, it is better to slice them up for them so that they are easier to bite into and ingest.
Can I give strawberry stems to my Guinea Pig?
Strawberry stems are just fine to be given to your guinea pig. In fact they make take to them more than the strawberry itself. Its always worth experimenting with these things as long as the food does not harm the guinea pig. I tried some with one of my guinea pig’s and he loved them!

Can guinea pigs eat strawberry leaves?
Strawberry leaves are good for your guinea pig to eat as they will help with the stomach digestion of the strawberry. Two or three strawberry leaves at a time will be plenty for a guinea pig.
In summary
So ‘can Guinea Pigs eat strawberries?’
In short, ‘Yes’.
Although I wont be giving my Guinea Pigs strawberries any time again soon, its not to say that they wont take to them.
How have you found your Guinea Pig with Strawberries?
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