Guinea pigs are the type of animals that can eat anything and want to eat anything. They will not discriminate if they see something in their path which is vaguely edible.
Can guinea pigs eat their own poop?
One of these things that you may notice that they are eating is their own poop.
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It seems quite a strange thing for them to be doing but is something that they really seem to enjoy.
So can guinea pigs eat their own poop, and is it okay for them to do so.
The good thing is that guinea pigs have been eating their own poop for many civilizations.
In fact, it is healthy for them to do so and they shouldn’t be stopped from doing so.
What it has in it are valuable nutrients for them to eat.
So although they have just excreted the poop, often they will start eating it after they have deposited it.
This can seem disgusting for us, but it is quite normal for guinea pigs.
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