If you have Guinea pigs then you may wellknow that they are herbivorous which means they like anything natural and vegetation. This means that they love things like, vegetables, plants and other vegetation.
But what about branches on which vegetation hangs. Can guinea pigs ear tree branches and if so how much can they eat? Well the good news is that they can eat tree branches and they will enjoy them. They often need things to chew on and to bring their teeth and tree branches provide a good way for Guinea pigs to do this. They do enjoy chewing on them as well.
However do be careful with what tree branches you give to them though. Take care that the tree branches that you give them aren’t poisonous at all. There are many trees out there which do have branches that have dangerous things for guinea pigs so make sure that you do your research before you go and give them to them.
The best types of branches to give to them are fruit tree branches and also birch, beech and spruce trees.
I would avoid evergreen trees as from experience. Ttgey aren’t too keen on them at all. They also ant too keen on laurel trees which we have in our garden.
So just to summarise, take care to do your by some work before you give tree branches for your Guinea pigs to chew on to ensure that they are safe for guinea pigs to eat.