So we’re approaching Thanksgiving and Christmas so there may be piggie owners wondering about some of those traditional festive foods.
Turkey is a food that most people have for their festivity dinners and personally i absolutely love it?

So if we can eat it…
Can guinea pigs eat turkey?
The straight answer is no they can’t unfortunately.
And there are two reasons for this
Firstly, Guinea pigs can’t eat any meats at all and secondly, it’s cooked which is also a big guinea pig no no.
So why can’t guinea pigs eat meat?
The reason is that guinea pigs are herbivores and therefore can’t digest meat at all.

source: flickr
What would happen if I gave my guinea pig turkey?
If they are presented with it they may have a nibble at it but will quickly turn off it. Guinea pigs are naturally quite curious and love to sniff out new foods. Even when I present my finger to my piggies they have a nibble at it
So it isn’t worth attempting to feed your piggies turkey at all.
If you do want your guinea pigs thanksgiving or Christmas foods, give them raw veggies which haven’t been cooked

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