‘Can guinea pigs eat watermelon?’
Watermelon is a great fruit which is ideal to eat on a hot summers day and a nice juicy watermelon is just perfect for providing refreshment.
As a family, we sometimes have them for starters for meals so occasionally buy them and the kids also enjoy them.
image: flickr
So this leads me to the question..
Can guinea pigs eat watermelons and what do I need to consider before I give them to my guinea pig?
Here are some considerations to think about before giving your guinea pig watermelon.
Can guinea pigs eat watermelon rind?
Yes it should be fine, it is safe to eat but only as a treat.
It carries a lot of nutrients but it doesn’t have a great flavor so they may not be that into it.
Can guinea pigs eat watermelon seeds?
It is best to keep the watermelon seeds away from your guinea pig as they may choke on them
My guinea pig enjoyed watermelon so I will definitely be giving it to him again, however not too much at a time and maybe one or two times a week will be quite enough.