Goosegrass, is otherwise known as sticky weed, stickywilly, grip grass, catch weed or its latin name Galium aparine.
It is a weed that grows incredibly fast and is often found in hedges and gardens and is a type of low-growing, annual, heraceous dicot. In fact itis a common weed that is found all over North America, Europe and Asia.
It has prickly hairs that cover its leaves, stems and fruits which causes them to stick to clothes. However they can be rather abrasive to the human skin.
It is not a grass, although its name may suggest otherwise.
They produce small flowers in clusters from early spring into summer that have four petals and are star shaped. They then produce fruits that are hary and lobed and contain one ot three seeds each.
All parts of the weed can be eaten although they are not very appealing to humans because the leaves have a bitter taste to humans.
However, to guinea pigs they are fine to eat.
Goosegrass is rich in vitamin C and niacin as well as a minerals such as silica and calcium.
However because of their calcium content don’t let them eat too much of it.
But their good vitamin c content makes them a nice addition to the guinea pig diet in the long term.
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