Today’s food choice is Cantaloupe Melon, and the question is ‘can guinea pigs eat Cantaloupe melon?’
Cantaloupe melon’s are such a lovely fruit to have and are enjoyed the world over for their juicy, sweetness and watery content. Its great to have a slice of cantaloupe melon in the summer time when its hot and sunny and it brings great refreshment.
We often have them as a starter before our main course and our kids absolutely love them and guzzle the down.
So it means that we have them around the home a lot and if we have them around, can my guinea pig eat them as well?
Cantaloupe melon’s are very similar to watermelon’s in the sense that they are both high in water content, have a lot seeds in them and a rind skin covering.
Here are some considerations to make before giving your guinea pig cantaloupe melon’s.
Can guinea pigs eat Cantaloupe seeds?
Cantaloupe seeds are not good for guinea pigs as they can easily choke on them and cause them difficulties.
Can guinea pigs eat Cantaloupe rind?
Its not usually a good idea to give your piggies cantaloupe rind but as it can cause upset stomach’s but if they do eat it , its not the end of the world. Just make sure they don’t eat too much of it and they’ll be fine.
Cantaloupe melon is definitely something to give your guinea pig, but only in small amounts. Steer clear of the rind and the seeds though.